1. Polyethylene HD1000 UV resistant plastic, no screws needed for attachment. 2. Holes for Park Bully forks, covering safety caps included. 3. Phenolic coated plywood, impact resistant and weatherproof. 4. Holes for assembling, covering safety caps included. 5. Reinforced corner beams, resistant for hard impacts. 6. Sliding surface in spray painted warm welded steel. 7. Sliding surface bent 90° without protruding objects. 8. Side panels covering the supporting structure are fitted on both sides. 9. Detachable stabilizing feet.

It is our innovative manufacturing process that gives us the edge; we use only the highest quality materials and we never compromise. Our patented steel profile together with HD Polyethylene assures the best and safest sliding experience possible.

After producing rails for over a decade, we know how to make the production run efficiently. We use only state of the art equipment to ensure quality and perfection. All our rails are handmade and we can create bespoke rails fitting your unique requirements.

Our rails are made of steel and we have taken the utmost care in ensuring our safety guidelines place the rider to the fore. In order to reduce the risk of injury, we make sure that none of our obstacles have any sharp angles or protruding parts.

We produce the best products available trough our innovative manufacturing process. In striving to achieve the perfect balance between steel and plastic, we have developed and patented cutting-edge steel technology for use in our.

Thermal extension for Polyethylene is ten times higher than for metals, so for rails with are in use both during the coldest winter days and on spring afternoons, this can be a problem. But our revolutionary patented steel profile lets the plastic float free and the problem is completely eradicated. This ground-breaking approach puts us firmly at the forefront of our industry.